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Prof. P. Shekher

               As the Principal of Guru Nanak College Dhanbad, it is my desire that it should blossom into an ideal college. I often keep wondering as to what an ideal college would be like.


               I summarise my random thoughts on the basis of my experience as a teacher since 1976 and as a Principal since 1991. The ideal college should be a place where academic progress is ingrained in the machinery by which growth can and should occur.I wish that in this college the youth of the society should be trained to assume the duty of the society. The college should exist for the development of the individual. It should provide equal opportunity to all. It should reach out to the weaker sections of the society through academic, co-curricular and extension activities. The college should be free from politics so that it can pursue its goals without undue pressures from non-academic community.

                At the same time, it should be a peaceful place and social change should be brought about through the initiative of the individual graduates who can change the society through the implementation of their own enlightenment. Individual initiative should be stressed, and this will lead to a flexible attitude towards contrasting ideas and ideals. To effect such an approach the students should be free from all pressures that are non-academic, and they should not attempt to pressure others to do otherwise. Since the society in which the student learns must make sacrifices to provide a system of higher education, the student has a responsibility to reciprocate by providing the society with leadership.

      The role of the faculty is fourfold:
 To do original research
 To teach students
 To help students attain maturity
 To avoid impressing private goals upon society

 A sense of belonging is essential for an academic environment. The administrators therefore should find tools for preventing loss of interest by the faculty.


 “Fearing none and frightening none”, as Guru Nanak advised, can we not, in this college hallowed by the name of the great master, try to make it an ideal one?