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College Library

The college library has a collection of about 15000 books in various disciplines of Literature (Hindi, English, Bangla), History, Economics, Computer, etc. Services such as lending of books and journals, reading room, reprographic facilities and bibliographic reference and information are rendered by the library.

The library facilities are upgraded every year in terms of making available latest titles on all subjects taught in the college. The library subscribes to as many as 46 magazines, newspapers and journals relating to topics of general nature and specialized fields of science and technology. It also maintains a text book section (book bank) from which students can borrow text books over a longer period. Day to day functioning of the library is taken care by qualified library staff.

Each student can borrow one book at a time for a period of fifteen days. It is important that students keep returning the books in time. Those who fail to return books within time will have to pay fine, which will not be excusable by any authority.

From this year, Honours students can borrow two books at a time for a period of fifteen days.

Library Rules
Books will be issued to the students on production of the library borrower's card which is issued by the librarian to all bonafide students at the start of the academic session.
Books lost or damaged in any way shall have it be replaced by the borrower failing which double the cost of the books shall be realized. The borrower should satisfy himself/herself about the sound condition of the book before leaving the counter.
Students shall not take their personal books or belongings inside the library.
Students are required to observe complete silence in the library and reading room.